"EVERYTHING FOERVER was instrumental in transforming the cavernous 25,000 sq. ft. textile manufacturing floor into an intimate dance party. Their creative use of light, space, and hanging saplings created a surreal backdrop to the dance floor as well as a space for guests to explore when taking a break from dancing. 

When Ethan suggested incorporating a "shadow forest" into the dance floor we had no idea what he was talking about. What he ended up creating was far beyond anything we could have imagined, and really made the dance floor. We are so glad we trusted his judgment and experience in every step of the process.  

Ethan is a truly talented artist. He worked closely with us throughout the wedding planning process to understand what our wants and needs were aesthetically and musically. The end result was exactly in line with the "feel" we were going for, but far beyond what we could have imagined ourselves. "

    -Brendan Slagle, Somewhere in the Carribean


"Ethan enabled our wedding to move into the evening built on the solid foundation of his steady planning and masterful delivery.  We met Ethan on a warm summer day a month and a half before our wedding.  He showed no concerns learning that we lacked a planner to orchestrate the evening for our nearly two hundred guests.   Instead he told us of his sliding fee and that he’d be able to rig us a light show, even offering to mic our ceremony.  Before the night was out we knew we’d lucked out as our moms kept pace with the dancers on the floor heading towards the small hours of morning." 

-Nez Nesbitt, Burlington VT


"You have become a LEGEND. Best wedding DJ, best dance party, ever. I also wanted to pass along that everyone commented on you, from the oldest aunts to all our friends. They'd say things like, "so, how long have you been friends with the DJ?" and were alway surprised when I'd say we just met. They'd say, "He seemed like one of your crowd! I figured you were old friends!"

Also, your blue suit? Amazing."

-Melina Coogan, Queechee VT


"Wow, is all we have to say. Ethan, took our wedding to a whole new level. He took our taste in music and amplified it in a way that was so spot on and kept our friends and family dancing until everyone literally yelled for an encore. I remember him saying with a smile, "I'd keep playing yet I think we have to be out of here by midnight." Beyond his amazing performance and light show, his level of professionalism was fantastic and he was incredibly organized and helpful. If you're looking for your dance floor to be packed and yelling for more, Ethan is your man!"

-Silas Haggerty, Portland ME


"Our venue was not without its inherent challenges: the limited and quirky electricity, less than ideal room acoustics and the sheer size of the venue demanded a lot of hard work, quick thinking and out of the box solutions. Despite all of this, Ethan remained professional and patient, cheerful and energetic, and consistently went above and beyond our expectations, event stepping in to resolve some unanticipated issues when another vendor fell short.

Lastly, Ethan was the first to show up and the last to leave. He put in several days of work in preparing for the wedding, setting up everything, and breaking it all down."

                        -Carrie Pierce, Boston MA